June 27, 2004

Psychic Power List

Here are the psychic powers commonly available in Nuclear Beasts.

Auguryyou can scry the past, present or future of an object or person.
Channelingyou have spirit voices to advise and instruct you.
Empathic Healingyou can aid others by sharing their injuries and taking them on yourself.
Empathyyou are sensitive to the emotional states of those around you.
Ghostwalkingyou can see the ghosts of the past and can sometimes interact with them.
Inner Focusyou can control your bodily and mental resources and can allocate them accordingly.
Inner Harmonyyou can place yourself in harmony with the universe, enabling you to avoid conflicts, withstand adverse environments and locate things that are lost.
Projectionyou can send a projection of yourself to a well known person or place.
Rendingyou can increase the damage done by your natural weapons.
Sendingyou can send mental messages to other people.
Sixth Senseyou are sensitive to danger, water flows, electrical current, and other subtle and hidden energies.
Tougheningyou can make your flesh more resistant to harm.
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