April 26, 2004

Skill List

Here is a list of the standard skills in Nuclear Beasts. Each one lists the stat or stats that it is most commonly paired with. A Restricted skill is only available to characters who qualify for it. You should read its description carefully for details.

If you don't see a skill that matches what you want, take a look at the Expertise Skill.

Acrobatics (Speed): Your agility and balance. Acrobatics is used to climb objects and to perform tumbles or rolls as well as general acrobatic manuevers. If your breed can fly, then you'll use Acrobatics to manuever in the air as well.

Ancient Lore (Brains): Your knowledge about the old times, before the Last War. This skill also governs your ability to read and write.

Ancient Tech (Brains): Your knowledge about technology and electronics. Used to try and jury-rig or repair ancient devices. Unfortunately, for many things, the tools necessary to repair them simply don't exist anymore. This is the primary skill of the Engineers.

Awareness (Perception): Your ability to notice things using your regular senses. Most commonly used for Spot checks, Listen checks or Smell checks, but Taste checks are possible too. Note that your ability to detect radiation depends upon your Awareness skill.

Charm (Spirit): Making friends, being socialable, using flattery or seduction, and otherwise ingratiating yourself with others.

Construction (Brains or Perception): Skill at constructing, appraising and dismantling large constructs like buildings, tunnels and bridges.

Contortionist (Speed): Your ability to squeeze yourself through openings that are too small for you and to wriggle out of bonds or wrestling holds.

Craft (Brains): Skill at hand-crafting tools, clothes and other useful items, especially ones that are woven. For large-scale projects like buildings, see Construction.

Endurance (Guts): Your ability to exert yourself for long periods without becoming exhausted; often applies to tasks such as manual labor or cross-country travel.

[Expertise (Any)]: This isn't a true skill as such. Basically, when there aren't any skills appropriate to what you want, you can take an Expertise in a particular area instead. The Expertise should apply to any reasonable task involving that subject. For example, if you took Expertise: Spears, then you could include that skill with Melee when fighting with a spear, with Ranged when throwing one, with Awareness when examining one, and with Craft when making or repairing one.

You can take as many Expertise skills as you want, but they all have to have different areas. It's common for the "Expertise:" to be left off of the skill name when you write it down, so if you see someone with the skill Ancient Vehicles, it's probably shorthand for Expertise: Ancient Vehicles.

Herbalism (Brains or Perception): Knowledge about what plants and fungi do what and how to find them. Often used to find food for herbivores in the wilderness, or to find cures for certain illnesses.

Leadership (Spirit): Skill at leading and inspiring others. Often used to convince others to follow your lead.

Melee (Speed): Skill at hand-to-hand combat, whether with natural weapons or artificial ones. Doesn't apply to actual grappling; see Wrestling instead.

[Psychic Skill (Spirit, Restricted)]: Every time that you take the Psychic Power Edge, you get a new Psychic Skill, named after the Power you chose. If you don't have the Psychic Power Edge, you cannot take any of these skills. See the Psychic Powers section for details.

Ranged (Perception): Skill at ranged combat, including shooting and throwing accurately. Note that ranged combat depends primarily upon your Perception stat, not Speed.

Stealth (Speed): Your ability to move silently and to conceal yourself from observers.

Swimming (Speed): Skill at swimming, diving and holding your breath for long periods.

Thievery (Speed or Perception): Skill at picking pockets, opening locks and general sleight of hand.

Tracking (Perception): Your ability to follow a trail, whether by spotting traces or following scents. Often used to find food for carnivores.

Wilderness (Brains or Perception): Skill at surviving in the wilderness. Covers not getting lost, finding shelter, predicting the weather, and similar tasks.

Wrestling (Muscles or Speed): Skill at grappling and other forms of combat where you attempt to grab and/or pin your opponent.

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