July 05, 2004


The power of Rending is the ability to disrupt flesh or other materials by touch. It was the first Gift manifested by the Beasts and proved instrumental in driving away the horrors that were ravaging the Verde. First generation Beasts tend to use Rending more than their fellows since they can't wield normal weapons.

Invoking RendingInvoking Rending can take up to a full-turn action. A really good roll can reduce the time required, but only the most skilled of users can depend on that. Roll Spirit & Rending.

Botchyou waste a full action but fail. You cannot try again until after you have gotten a good night's rest.
Failureyou waste a full action trying to invoke it, but fail.
Partial Success Rending is invoked, but it takes a full action and will only last until the end of the next combat round.
Successthe character can choose between taking a half-action to invoke it for one round, or they can take a full action to invoke it for the rest of the scene.
Critical Successthe character can choose between taking a free action to invoke it for one round, or a half-action to invoke it for the scene.
Extraordinary Successthe character can invoke it for the scene as a free action.

Once Rending has been successfully invoked, the character can include their Rending dice with the damage dice for any successful hit with a natural weapon (including plain old punches and kicks). They can even choose to lightly touch a foe (which would normally inflict no damage) and just roll their Rending dice. Even while it's active, doing damage with Rending requires a conscious act; you can still pick up items, scratch your head, touch a friend, etc., without using it.

When Rending is pushed, the normal effect (include your Rending dice with damage) works even when using a melee weapon. If you strike someone with a natural weapon, your Rending dice now inflict damage separately from your regular damage dice. Roll regular damage normally (not including your Rending dice). Afterwards, you'll roll your Rending dice vs the target's Soak, ignoring their armor dice. Even if your regular attack bounces off of them harmlessly, your Power may tear apart their flesh anyway.

Finally, Rending can be double-pushed by pushing again while it is still active. This grants you a +4 bonus to your Rending damage if you're using a natural weapon, allows you to roll your Rending dice separately even if using a melee weapon, and allows you to include your unmodified Rending dice with the damage of a thrown weapon (there is no way to make Rending work through a projectile weapon like a bow or firearm).

While the effects of invoking Rending are normally invisible to the naked eye, when you double-push this Power folks will actually be able to see a faint, flickering aura around your body and you will no longer be able to touch objects with your hands and feet without damaging them. Even your footprints will be burned into the ground.

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