April 24, 2004

Stat Checks and Similar Tests

Occasionally, you'll need to roll a test that only affects a single stat. Since rolling a single die is a bit too random (particularly for things like tests of strength), we use a Stat & Stat test instead. Basically, to roll a standard check for any attribute, roll that attribute's die twice.

For example, you might roll Muscles & Muscles for a test of pure strength and muscle power, such as lifting a heavy object or arm-wrestling.

If you have a bonus or penalty that applies to a stat that's included in a test multiple times, you should apply that adjustment multiple times, too. The most common case for this is being Big or Small.

Example: Jumdro the Elephant (d6 Muscles, Big +2) is arm-wrestling Kiolo the Mouse (d10 Muscles, Small -2). Since this is a straight Muscles & Muscles test, Jumdro rolls 2d6+4 (because he has a +2 bonus to his Muscles rolls, applied twice) and Kiolo rolls 2d10-4 (because of that -2 penalty from Small, applied twice). So Jumdro can roll from 5 to 10 and Kiolo's range is -3 to 6. Despite the fact that Kiolo is in much better shape than his opponent, he'll need a lot of luck to overcome Jumdro's enormous mass.

There are also three common combination tests.

NameStats IncludedPurpose
Survival TestMuscles & GutsRolled to resist physical harm, including poisons.
Reaction TestSpeed & PerceptionRolled to notice and react to something in time. Also determines Initiative in combat.
Willpower TestBrains & SpiritRolled to resist pain or temptation, as well as some psychic powers.

Note that there are some Edges and Flaws that modify Survival, Reaction and Willpower tests specifically, so while your pool of dice will start as listed above, it might be different in play.

Posted by Kiz at April 24, 2004 11:06 PM