April 26, 2004

Target Numbers for Unopposed Tests

When you're performing a task that doesn't involve direct opposition by someone else, the target number you need to succeed will be determined by how difficult the task in question is. For predictable tasks, where random chance shouldn't play a large part, the difficulty should be a set value. On the other hand, if you want the task to always be beatable by anyone (but not necessarily easily), then you should set the difficulty to a random amount.

DescriptionSet DifficultyRandom Equivalent
Very Easy2d4 (ave 2.5)
32d4 (ave 3.13)
Typical42d6 (ave 4.47)
5d8,d6 (ave 5.23)
62d8 (ave 5.81)
72d10 (ave 7.15)
Hard82d12 (ave 8.49)
93d12 (ave 9.48)
104d12 (ave 10.07)
114d12+1 (ave 11.07)
Very Hard124d12+2 (ave 12.07)
Nigh Impossible13+4d12+3 and up

Posted by Kiz at April 26, 2004 11:54 AM