April 26, 2004

Buying Skills

There are a number of skills available to characters in Nuclear Beasts. Most of these are quite broad in scope and many will occasionally overlap with other skills. This isn't a problem; when multiple skills apply to a single task, just pool them all together.

The number of skill points that your character receives, and the number of points that can be spent on a single skill, will be determined by your GM.

The suggested values are as follows, depending upon how experienced of characters your GM wants.

  • Beginning characters: 20 points, max 3 per skill
  • Experienced characters: 30 points, max 4 per skill
  • Very Experienced characters: 40 points, max 5 per skill
It costs one skill point to increase your current rating in a skill by one step. For easy reference, the costs are listed below.

You'll generally start with a handful of skills already granted by your chosen breed. If you choose to spend points to improve those, don't count their initial rating when determining how many points you can spend.

d41 point
d62 points
d83 points
d104 points
d125 points
d12,d46 points
d12,d67 points
d12,d88 points
d12,d109 points
2d1210 points
2d12,d411 points
Etc.+1 per die level

Example: If your character starts with a Wilderness skill of d8 from his breed and your GM limited to you spending at most 3 points on a single skill, you could increase your Wilderness rating up to d12 & d4, but no higher. A character who didn't start with the Wilderness skill at all could buy it at up to the d8 level, but no higher.

Optional Rule: Buying New Dice at WillIf you don't mind a little extra complexity, you can allow players to purchase additional dice for a skill even if their current rating is below d12. With this rule, whenever you spend a point on a skill, you can increase any of the dice that are below d12 or add a new d4 to the pool. So, someone who spends 3 points to acquire a new skill could buy it as 3d4 or d6 & d4 or just a single d8.

Posted by Kiz at April 26, 2004 07:24 AM