April 24, 2004

Edges and Flaws

An Edge is a special trait that your character might possess. It might indicate an exceptional attribute, unusual aptitude for a particular skill, or an ability that most folks don't possess. If you want your character to possess a psychic power, you'll need to take the Psychic Power Edge.

A Flaw is basically the opposite. These traits endanger or inhibit your character in some way.

Unlike skills and attributes, Edges and Flaws generally aren't represented as pools of dice. You either have a particular one, or you don't, although some of them are available at different strengths.

Both traits are generally rated as either Minor or Major. In general, a Major Edge or Flaw is considered twice as strong as a Minor one. Technically, there are two additional levels: Trivial means that the Edge/Flaw is so minor that it's hardly worth charging any points for, while a Dramatic Edge/Flaw is so strong that it's generally reserved for non-player characters.

You start with your choice of one Major Edge or two Minor Edges. If you want more, you can take another Minor Edge and a Minor Flaw, or an extra Major Edge and your choice of one Major Flaw or two Minor ones to make up for it.

Some Edges and Flaws are Restricted however, which means that they're normally only found in specific breeds. If your breed starts with that Edge or Flaw, you get it automatically; otherwise, you can't take it at all.

Don't worry if you want more Edges than that; you'll be able to purchase more with your experience points during play.

Posted by Kiz at April 24, 2004 11:59 PM