July 01, 2004

Picking a Breed

Your character's Breed is basically their animal ancestor. All Beasts were genetically engineered from ancient, pre-Apocalypse animal species. The species that you pick will give you special Edges, Flaws and other adjustments to your character. It will also grant you a default rating in certain skills that your breed is especially good at.

The Beasts appeared in three distinct "generations", with long gaps between each one. Naturally, they went on to have children of their own, but the term "generations" is still commonly used to refer to the three distinct types of breeds.

The first generation of Beasts consisted of large and powerful animals capable of pacifying the Verde and making it safe for cubs and smaller Beasts. These Beasts are physically powerful, but still move on all fours and lack hands. Since they can't use many tools and devices, they still need the aid of the later generations.

The second generation was of small and agile animals with dextrous paws who could use tools relatively easily. They are largely similar to their ancestors, just a bit larger, but nowhere near the size of the first generation beasts. Most of them can stand on their hind feet and walk around, but have to drop to all fours to run. While they can use ancient devices, they sometimes have problems because their hands are smaller than human hands.

The third generation of Beasts is the most like Man. These breeds are fully humanoid and stand upright. They have human-like hands and can use ancient tools and devices with ease... provided that they know how. Many of them see their kind as the natural inheritors of Man's authority, since they are clearly cast in His image.

Optional Rule: Other BreedsThe basic game assumes that PCs will be limited to choosing from the standard breeds, but other breeds exist in the setting. If your GM is willing, you may be allowed to take a non-standard breed, such as one from a foreign area or an entirely new one. If you want a "rare" breed (meaning one that isn't currently written up), you'll have to create it. The standard breeds are designed to be fairly well balanced against each other, so they should be used as a reference for making a new species.

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