April 24, 2004

Character Attributes

There are six Attributes or Stats used in Nuclear Beasts. Each of these will consist of a single die and be rated from d4 to d12. Values above and below these limits are simulated by adding special bonuses or penalties later.

Musclesyour strength, build and sheer muscle power.
Gutsyour personal constitution and overall health.
Speedyour agility, dexterity and general speed of movement.
Perceptionthe keenness of your senses; includes your ability to aim ranged attacks.
Brainsyour mental prowess and general education and knowledgability.
Spirityour strength of personality; affects willpower, social skills, and any psychic powers.

At character creation, you'll get a pool of 6 dice for your attributes. One die should be assigned to each attribute. You have your choice of 2 starting pools.

  • Normal: 1d10, 2d8, 2d6, 1d4
  • Generalist: 3d8, 3d6
The "typical" rating in an attribute is d6, so starting characters are a bit above average.

Posted by Kiz at April 24, 2004 10:48 PM