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Age of Powers Blog
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Age of Powers Blog
Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Amber Nobilis - Part III
Artifacts are major gizmos like Ghostwheel or Greyswandir. They tend to be linked to you in a literary if not literal fashion, and the GM should never alter them in a major or permanent way without your permission.

Major Weapon: whenever you are fighting with it, you don't have to spend an Endurance to cut the difference in half. It will sometimes grant you a +1 or +2 Warfare bonus, but generally only under specific circumstances... for example, Greyswandir might grant +1 versus chaos demons, due to having the Pattern in its blade.

Item Ally: this gizmo stays with you at all times and will fight on your behalf if desired. Its stats should be about 50% of the points that PCs in the game get.

Early Warning: this gizmo senses danger and watches out for you at all times. It can awaken you instantly if need be and its magical senses are extremely difficult to bypass. +4 Psyche for determining how hard you are to ambush.

Plot Device: this gizmo is plugged into the fundamental aspects of reality and can often produce effects that astound even Amberites. Ghost Wheel is a good example... it thinks, talks and can open portals at will throughout most of the multiverse, searching through shadows with computer-like precision until it finds one that matches the desired parameters. Gizmos of this type are very prone to becoming self-aware, breaking down temporarily when you need them most, or otherwise failing you.

Silver Arm: this gizmo replaces one of your arms and it's even better than the original. It can fight when you're paralyzed, act on its own, and otherwise is basically an Item Ally that's permanently attached to you.

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