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Age of Powers Blog
Friday, February 13, 2004
More Cinematics
Another cute bit for wild-and-crazy cinematic fight scenes is something I got from Waiwode on RPG.net.

You can't use the really bad-ass maneuvers when combat first starts. You have to work up to them. So the system has to encourage you to spend some time "powering up" and it should be possible to power up while doing lower-powered actions, it's just not as fast as if you're just standing there.

Basically, this way you can't start the fight with your super-cool finishing move just because it does the most damage. You have to save it for further in.

A possible addition- succeeding in a consciousness check powers you up a few steps for free. This way, getting beaten up boosts your power, too. That fits a lot of cinematic action movies, where the hero gets their butt kicked for awhile, then suddenly turns the tables on their foe despite being seriously wounded.

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