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Nuclear Beasts Blog
Sunday, February 29, 2004
Word Processing
Grr. I was a big fan of OpenOffice before I decided to break up my document into chapters and have the chapter names show up in the footer. Ugh.

You'd think that would be easy, but it's not. There's a nice "section editor" that lets you see all of the sections that your document is broken into. Of course, it turns out that you can't select an area of text and turn it into a section, so you have to cut & paste everything. Sections can have names, but there's no way to display them, so that put me back to Chapters.

Which, it turns out, OpenOffice keeps track of chapters by looking for the "Heading1" text type. Unfortunately, I use Heading1 and Heading2 for two different styles of chapter titles... OpenOffice doesn't support that, so I'm hosed.

So I got irritated and downloaded EasyOffice, which supposedly lets you break a document up into chapters by inserting bookmarks. Sounds great (especially since I want to dump to PDF, which supports bookmarks)... but in practice, it crashed as soon as I tried.

Ugh. So I took a break. I may try again later.

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