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Nuclear Beasts Blog
Saturday, January 31, 2004
Common Phobias
Some kinds of phobias are more prevalent than others in the wastes. I'll just list off a few, since I'll want to put them in the Flaws section.

Snakes (ophiophobia): a really common one, probably mandatory for Horses. It's most strongly triggered by a sudden hiss or the rattle of a rattler's tail. Considering how dangerous the venom of certain snakes can be, and how hard it is to find ancient antivenin, this isn't an entirely unreasonable fear. When triggered by a noise, you tend to panic and flee immediately. If confronted by an angry snake that's within striking distance, you'll often freeze in place until it either attacks you or leaves.

Open Spaces (agoraphobia): Beasts with this phobia dislike crossing open spaces and prefer to stick to underground areas. They can deal with it by staying close to walls and tree cover, but dislike being out on open fields. The less cover there is, the more nervous they are. This one might be mandatory for Rats/Mice. They can buy it off, of course, but it's common enough among them to be considered normal.

Radiation (radiophobia): another not completely unreasonable fear, the Beast doesn't want anything to do with even mild radioactivity. Even a level just barely strong enough to detect will be treated as though it were a potentially lethal dose. This isn't quite as crippling as the human version... most Beasts can detect radiation and don't have to worry about whether or not something is emitting radiation... they can tell. For Beasts with the Radiation Blindness flaw, this phobia is much more crippling and tends to leave them nervous all the time; if you have Radiation Blindness, radiophobia is a Major Flaw instead of a Minor one.

Spiders (arachnophobia): a fairly common phobia, but not restricted to any particular breed. Beasts with this phobia have an unreasonable fear of even harmless spiders (which the vast majority are) and don't like to even touch cobwebs. It's pretty crippling for a professional scavenger (ancient buildings tend to be full of cobwebs) but for others it mostly causes embarassment when they panic at the sight of a small spider.

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