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Age of Powers Blog
Wednesday, December 31, 2003
Classic Power: The Sun

The Sun

Power of: Creation

Seen as: A brilliant, golden light, too bright too look at directly. Some say that the light eminates from a great warrior in golden armor, perhaps sitting upon a huge throne. Waves of heat pour forth from the source of the light; many people believe that the heat represents the Sun's anger and that it grows ever more unbearable if the deity is displeased with you.

Comprehensible desires: To make, create and build great things. Its presence fills the viewer with an urge to build something permanent and lasting, to leave a mark upon the world. These need not be physical constructs; the early Sun mages who founded the Church were doubtless influenced by this urge.

Church: The Church of the Sun is the largest and most regimented organized religion in Tanru. Using tithes demanded from the lords of the land, they begun construction of a huge and magnificent city. Tuslun, the City of the Sun, is far from complete but already its cathedrals and white towers are regarded as a wonder of the modern age.

Promotion within the church is based upon political savvy, religious devotion and skill with Sun magic. One need not be expert at all three (though it helps) to achieve high rank, but if you don't have at least two your advancement is bound to be limited to the lower ranks. The church is dominated by men and the few female Sun mages are sequestered into convents and given very little secular or religious authority. Many male Sun mages regard their female counterparts as a dangerous oddity; those who regard them highly often have trouble winning promotion.

The church maintains a fairly disciplined, and very well equipped fighting force. The standing army isn't very large, though; when serious unrest strikes, draftees, mercenaries, and levies from the nobles of Tanru are used to make up the difference. The church has some ambitions towards eliminating the noble houses entirely and ruling Tanru in their stead, but so far it hasn't done much to actually cement its secular authority. They've considered dissolving (or trying to dissolve) the household armies of the Dukes, but right now they still need them to combat external and internal threats.

Common spell skills:
Throwing Fire: producing flame on demand.

Creating Motion: the mage can fly or telekinetically manipulate nearby objects.

Creating Objects: objects made out of golden metal are conjured out of thin air. They remain until the spell is ended deliberately or they are torn apart. When the spell ends, they dissolve back into flames and then flicker out.

Uncommon spell skills:
Creating Elementals: rather than creating an inanimate object, the power of the Sun is used to construct a creature of some sort, usually a being of living flame. These tend to be very shortlived and dissolve when slain or dispelled. They'll usually do as their creator asks, but they have a lot of free will and can be very unpredictable at times. They generally won't attack Sun mages or any creature touched by the Sun.

Corruption Effects:
Trivial: the mage feels hot and feverish. Puffs of steam are sometimes seen rising from their flesh.

Minor: wisps of flame often arise from the mage's body. Clothing and hair is often singed but only the most combustible of subtances will actually catch fire. The mage generally takes 1 Wound from internal burns.

Serious: the mage's lungs seem to be on fire from within. They cough small puffs of fire and suffer minor burns over a good portion of their body, taking 3 Wounds. Their flesh is searingly hot to the touch.

Fatal: the mage immolates entirely, becoming a living, screaming bonfire for a brief period, then burning to ash. Sometimes the flame tears itself free of their body and becomes a free-willed fire elemental.

Creatures of the Sun: Mythological monsters for the most part, created out of nothing. Most can either fly or produce flame, often both. A few ordinary animals touched by the Sun have learned to emit fire as a form of self defense, but this tends to be poorly controlled and often just as dangerous to them as to anyone else.

Fire elementals are the most dramatic and dangerous of its creatures. Beings of pure flame, they live very brief and destructive lives as they can only survive by finding new fuel for their fire. Many can fly for brief periods, but doing so takes a great deal of their energy so they prefer to travel along the ground, following a path of combustible materials such as wood or dried grass. When it is finally starved of fuel, the fire elemental will slowly dwindle and eventually wink out. No one is certain whether they "die" as such, or whether they merely return later with their strength renewed. They are very rare.

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