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Nuclear Beasts Blog
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Nuclear Beasts Blog
Wednesday, December 31, 2003
The Natural Attribute Edge
I've just added the Natural Attribute Edge... it's a Breed Edge, meaning that specific Breeds get it automatically and no one else can take it. It basically just says that you get a free increase of whichever attribute it happens to apply to.

I'm bringing it up now, because it occurs to me that I really only use one attribute that way right now... Muscles. Some Breeds will get Natural Muscles once, maybe even two or three times, to represent their innate size and strength.

I currently have no plans to include the other attributes... but maybe I should. A free stat increase is a major bonus, after all. I could make Coyotes naturally charming, Mice naturally smart, Cats naturally fast, etc. It would be more stereotypical than Ironclaw does it, but that's not necessarily bad... Ironclaw is set up to where you can make a small and timid Rhino if you want to. A stronger stereotype would allow me to balance the Breeds a little better (this Breed seems underpowered? Give them a boost in the most appropriate stat) and would make them more distinctive in the setting.

After all, Ironclaw was looking for a "melting pot" effect where all of the races were basically equal except for a few minor differences. I could make the differences more striking in Nuclear Beasts and that would help give the game a distinctive feel; I don't want it dismissed as an "Ironclaw ripoff" after all.

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