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Nuclear Beasts Blog
Sunday, November 30, 2003
Converting Gifts to Edges
So now that I've decided to switch to an advantage/disadvantage system more similar to Savage Worlds' Edges than Ironclaw's Gifts, exactly what will change?

Well, most Edges will be on a 1 to 2 point scale (basically Minor Edges and Major Edges). You won't get very many compared to Ironclaw (where you could have up to 10 different Gifts at character creation) but they'll be more impressive. Flaws, similarly, will generally be worth -1 or -2 and they can only be used to pay for Edges, not higher skills.

Characters start with 2 points of Edges and can take up to 2 points of Flaws to buy more, so the maximum you can get at character creation is 4 points of Edges (four Minor, two Major or whatever combination you want). Buying them with XP will be doable but expensive... I'm thinking 10-20 XP for a new Edge and I might restrict you to only purchasing one at a time. I might also take them off of the advancement chart and say that you get a free Edge every X adventures, but I generally like a bit more flexibility than that.

So, in Ironclaw terms, a Minor Edge would probably be a 2-3 point Gift and a Major one a 4-6 point one. This may mean that some of the cheaper Edges will become more potent... or maybe just rarer.

A lot of them will be available at both the 1 and 2 point level. For example, Hard to Kill, which lets you take more damage before having to roll a Survival Test, will grant +1 hit point at the 1 point level and +2 at the 2 point level. Long-Winded, which does the same for Fatigue, might only be available at the 1 point level... I can't decide if being able to take extra fatigue is worth as much as being able to take extra damage. I tend to think not.

Racial Edges, on the other hand, will probably stay pretty wussy. Many of them would probably be only 1/2 of a point compared to normal Edges. Rather than giving point costs for various races, I'll give bonuses to the really crappy ones and add flaws to the really good ones so that they're all pretty much balanced. So far it looks like the basic level will be 4 points worth of Racial Edges. Breeds that get less than that will have their Race die apply to some extra skills or maybe just get a free Minor Edge or something to make up for it. Breeds that get more will have to be penalized in some fashion. I'll just have to see how hard it is to do, but I think it's possible. After all, if being an Elephant means giving up that free Major Edge you get at character creation, that's a pretty hefty cost to pay.

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